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We support businesses to introduce sustainable and environmentally beneficial product solutions. 

The next 5 years will see great change in all markets home and abroad. Sustainability is already becoming a key discussion in all businesses small and international and we intend to stay ahead of this change. Carbon natural is fast changing to carbon capture, a 4th industrial revolution is coming and we can offer shop sundries, technology, notepads, pens and novelties that are plant based.


Honestly Made from Rubbish by Regatta... made from plastic bottles!

Make it eco-friendly in the honestly made collection of clothing suited for work and every day use. This collection is literally made from rubbish, the plastic bottles from our recycle centres, processed and spun in to thread. Yet the collection performs like any other, comfortable, fresh and durable.

RESULT Hi-Viz workwear using superior REPREVE manufactured fiber made exclusively from ocean bound plastic bottles! Since 2007 REPREVE has repurposed over 20 billion plastic bottles and by choosing RESULT featuring REPREVE you can join in and make a difference!

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Class leading technology made from plants? Its available today!

Our new offering of speakers, chargers and novelty tech provides industry leading quality and specifications all encapsulated in stylish plant based covers. This technology leaves a positive footprint on the globe as the plant captures and repurposes harmful Co2 before being harvested.


"It is not our place to force change but we do intend to support it and whenever there is an opportunity to suggest and present a more ecological, sustainable and effective alternative, we will do so."

Decide tomorrow, today! 
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