/ We do

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Rope Handle Bags

/ Prices from: 69p per bag!

/ Leadtime: 10 days
/ Bespoke Design
/ Artwork Free of Charge

/ Minimum Order 500 units
/ Choice of Coloured Rope or Polyester Handles
/ Matte or Gloss finish


/ Available sizes: 248x198x88mm, 250x250x80mm, & 415x320x140mm


/ Available sizes: 180x230x80mm, 230x320x100mm, & 320x420x120mm


/ Available sizes: 100x380x100mm

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/ Our

  Sugar Cane Carrier Bags!

We strongly recommend these bags for general retail and low value sales. For every 1 tonne of these bags manufactured, 2.5 tonnes of CO2 has been captured from our atmosphere! 100% recyclable. ZERO Waste!

/ Leadtime: from 10 days
/ 5 sizes available
/ Artwork Free of Charge
/ Minimum Order 500 units
/ 1 Colour Print
/ White only
/ Prices from: 10p per bag!

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/ Twisted Handle Bags

/ Leadtime: from 10 days
/ 7 sizes available
/ Artwork Free of Charge
/ Minimum Order 250 units
/ Full Colour print
/ Various Colours
/ Prices from: 17p per bag!

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/ NEW iBag!

These new for 2022 bags are made from 40% recycled material and are 100% Biodegradable & 100% recyclable. ZERO Waste!
This bag is built for weight... a heavy duty shopper with 150mm gusset and available with a 3 colour print!

/ Leadtime: from 10 days
/ Size: 460x460x150mm
/ Artwork Free of Charge
/ Minimum Order 250 units
/ Up to, 3 Colour print
/ Prices from: 18p per bag!

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Canvas Bag Madrid

/ Canvas Shopper

These canvas shoppers make a 
great promotional item, practical,
ECO and can be charged for!

/ Leadtime: from 10 days
/ Various sizes & strap length
/ Various colours

/ Artwork Free of Charge
/ Minimum Order 25 units
/ 1 Colour print
/ Prices from: 48p per bag!

/ NEW Wheat Straw Hanger

These new for 2022 hangers made from environmentally friendly, BPA Free and FDA approved Wheat Straw! These hangers are made from a by-product of Wheat production. We now offer many products made from this new material, including bag tags, plates, coffee cups and many more.

/ Leadtime: from 40 days
/ Bespoke Design & Size
/ Artwork Free of Charge
/ Minimum Order 500 units
/ Can be colour matched in any shade!
/ Prices from: 95p per hanger!

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