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/ Promotional Materials

Promotional materials are key brand awareness assets for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The excel in making brands stand out from the crowd, differentiate then from competition and engage their target audience.

Promotional materials come in all shapes and sizes, showcasing logos, images and straplines. They can be used to drive direct conversions both online and face to face. They are not just for new customers but also client retention and above all build brand loyalty.


/ Material Types...

We regard all products as potential promotional materials and indeed have a thriving Bespoke capability, applying logos, straplines and marketing messages to products designed, sourced and delivered to exact specifications.

It is important that you choose products that are appropriate to your business, match your target audience and therefore resonate best.

Promotional materials include business cards, flyers, banners, flags and other such signage. We can service you across all these categories and more.

Branded Merchandise can come in a vast array of forms, from stationary to diaries, ceramics to apparel and confectionary to sports equipment. Using merchandise that your demographic uses on a regular basis will deliver a great return. But be careful not to get it wrong, and select products that have little use or relevance to your target audience or marketing ambition!

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/ How Does It All Fit?

Understanding your marketing mix and how Promotional Products fit within is key to any campaigns success. Your marketing mix, contains product, price, place, and promotional materials.

Within this mix there are several promotional methods, direct mail, social media, events, sponsorship, direct selling, content marketing and PR. Promotional materials work best during events and conferences, where there can be a big attendance of your target demographic. They are also really effective when used in direct mail campaigns, charities have seen a huge increase in donations when applying this strategy.

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