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/ Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE)

The WEEE regulations require that businesses involved in the supply of the electrical equipment take an active role in its collection, recycling and environmentally sound disposal.

What Do We Want You To Do?

Recycle your end of life electrical items!

Failure to segregate electronic waste material in the home usually result in items being disposed of in a landfill site (buried under the ground), where toxins leach into the soil, contaminating it and putting communities at risk.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) can be retuned to TICKBOX Europe Ltd on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis; including waste batteries and rechargeable batteries.


You are not obliged to make any purchase when returning old batteries.


Each local authority must also accept household WEEE and small batteries free of charge at its recycling facilities. All WEEE and waste batteries must be recycled and should not be placed in any of your household wheelie bins. Make sure you always recycle all your old electrical goods and batteries.

To remind you to recycle, all new electrical products are marked with a crossed out wheeled bin symbol, where you see this symbol on a product please do not put it in your household waste.

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